Collegium Charter School’s K-12 curriculum adheres to the PA Core Standards and the PA Academic Standards as approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our goal is to increase student achievement through our standards-based curriculum, professional development, and educational support. Collegium offers a challenging and comprehensive curriculum in the core academic content areas, providing a rigorous and relevant educational foundation for all learners. CCS possesses an unwavering commitment to a diverse learning experience for all learners through the courses we offer beyond our core content.  These include the Arts, Spanish Language, Music, Physical Education/Health, and Technology. We focus on providing excellent academic opportunities that are balanced with special area disciplines where students are ultimately held accountable for their own success. 

Grade-level specific curriculum materials are available in the Resources section to the right. 

Meeting the Needs of All Students 

From Learning Support to Advanced Placement Classes, CCS Meets Your Child’s Educational Needs

Educating students and meeting their academic needs is the priority at CCS. One way we accomplish this is through differentiated instruction in the regular education classroom. In the elementary grades, CCS’s Personal Education Plan, or PEP, outlines modifications needed to address a student’s individual needs. The modifications include a variety of teaching strategies, including acceleration, enrichment, one-on-one work, small group work and remediation.   As students progress into our middle and high schools, classes are leveled to meet students’ needs and teachers continue to differentiate the instruction and assessments to meet the individual needs of each student. 

Flexible, leveled grouping, which begins in mathematics and language arts in grade 3, is another way instruction is varied for students. Teachers at CCS, working hand in hand with our Curriculum Specialists, Reading Coach, Math Coach, and Principals are able to meet most of our students needs within the regular classroom setting.

Honors level courses are offered beginning in 7th grade and AP (Advanced Placement) courses are offered beginning in 9th grade.  These levels are for the high achieving, self-motivated learner capable of regular, rigorous assignments and assessments.

CCS also offers a variety of programs to both enhance and support students’ learning when differentiation and leveled grouping are not the entire solution.  The Instructional Support Team is committed to identifying the learning needs of students experiencing difficulties and at risk of failure in school to provide them with the academic and behavioral supports needed for success.  Our reading specialists work with qualifying students needing extra support in reading.  For our students with special education needs, Collegium offers a wide range of services: Learning Support at various levels, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision Therapy, Hearing Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy.  For our English Language Learners we offer English as a Second Language classes and support.

Meeting the needs of students is a complex issue with a huge range of possible options. CCS’s educational program continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. We welcome parent comments and ideas as we work together to provide quality education for all of our students.

Grading Scale

93-100% A   |   85-92% B   |   77-84% C   |   70-76% D   |   69-0% F

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Collegium will report Elementary grades in trimesters. Three times a year, teachers will report on students’ grades in all subject areas, and that report will be shared with parents/guardians. The grades from all three trimesters will be averaged to calculate students’ final grades.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, the Middle and High School will be reporting grades on a quarterly basis, since this system aligns best with semester-only courses. Quarterly reports will be shared with parents/guardians. Quarterly grades, along with Mid-Term and Final Exam grades, will be averaged to calculate the students’ final grades for the year.

Academic achievement is held in high regard at CCS.  As such, we recognize our 3rd-12th grade students who achieve Honors and High Honors. Honor Roll will be published on the CCS website at the end of each Trimester (Elementary) and Marking Period/Quarter (MS/HS). 

For information on Collegium's credit recovery program, see the link to the right.


Collegium Charter School supports the philosophy that homework is an essential element of student learning and helps students develop responsibility. Homework is designed to be a risk-free way in which students may make mistakes, investigate, and learn. Research has demonstrated that learning is increased when stress is reduced or eliminated and practice is risk-free. Daily homework is not graded. However, daily quizzes taken from homework will be graded.  While homework may not be required if a student is performing exceptionally well in a subject or course, it is expected that most students will complete some, if not all, of the assigned homework. If a student is earning less than 85% in a course, the student is required to complete all homework assignments. A teacher may also require a student to complete a homework assignment if he/she feels the particular assignment is in the best interest of the learner. Students who are required, either by their teacher or because of their grade, to complete homework and do not do so will be subject to the consequences set forth in the CCS Student Code of Conduct. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s homework and communicate with the teacher(s) regarding their child’s understanding of the content.  Assignments such as research projects, book reports, and term papers are not considered daily homework and will be graded.

Technology Class
A student participating during his regularly scheduled Technology class.

Questions About Curriculum?

Grades K-6: Contact Mrs. Kathleen Harding, Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator
Grades 7-12: Conact Mrs. Rebecca Ratti, Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator

Credit Recovery Info

Info about Collegium's credit recovery program for HS students.

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