Collegium does not conduct an annual re-enrollment process.

We remind all current families that there are typically hundreds of prospective families on our waiting lists.  If you are an enrolled family and you know your child(ren) will not longer attend Collegium for the coming school year, please alert Mrs. Novak immediately.  Not only will this open communication allow Collegium to promptly and accurately assist your family with dis-enrolling and transferring school records, it will also allow Collegium to work with our prospective families to enroll them faster.  Telling us your child(ren) will no longer attend cannot and will not negatively impact your enrolled child(ren) in any manner.  However, knowing this information in advance will help Collegium budget effectively and better plan for classroom and campus needs.  Additionally, it will positively affect another family when we contact the prospective families on our waiting lists.

As a reminder, families with current Collegium students and eligible non-enrolled siblings must participate in the sibling enrollment process that begins on November 1st.  Siblings are eligible for priority enrollment ahead of non-sibling residents of PA only during this sibling enrollment period.

Sibling Enrollment Materials will not be mailed to families.  Instead, Sibling Enrollment Materials will be posted on our website and available in our Main Offices.  For more information regarding the sibling enrollment process, please view the Sibling Enrollment page of our website.

*Dates provided and the enrollment process are subject to change. Changes will be posted on the Collegium website. Please review the website for up-to-date information.