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Admission To The Health Office and Health Appraisals

First aid and emergency treatment shall be given for health problems occurring at school or while the student is engaged in a school activity. Personnel shall not treat injuries or diseases suffered by the student at home or elsewhere, and in no case shall treatment go beyond first aid. State law prohibits school nurses from making a diagnosis. Therefore, please do not ask the school nurses to evaluate your child’s symptoms. If your child becomes ill/injured during the school day, transportation is a family responsibility unless it is life threatening.

***If your child needs treatment during school hours for an injury/illness previously treated at home (Ex: ice for sprains), please send a note or call the health office directly, requesting that specific care.***

For the well being of all, please keep your child home when he/she is ill and until 24 hours after a fever (100 degrees or more) has returned to normal, and/or vomiting/diarrhea has stopped. If you think your child may have a contagious condition (Ex: strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye, etc.), please do not send him/her to school he/she is evaluated by his/ her healthcare provider. Any child sent home ill or with a fever, who returns to school the next day, will be sent home again per the above 24-hour policy.


If you have questions regarding our Health Office, please contact a School Nurse below.

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